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Huamei Newest Topselling 1060nm Technology Diode Machine Fat Burning Body Sliming Shaping Weight Loss Beauty Equipment

Short Description:

1. Provide effective at eliminating 24% fat cells flat
2. Non-invasive fat cells flat .
3. Perature controlled advanced contact cooling for comfortable treatment.

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The PowerSculp principle is to use 1060nm wavelength of energy light wave, it has a specific affinity for adipose tissue, four plane non-absorbent probe can be in as little as 25 minutes of time to treat multiple sites at once. Let the efficient wavelength through the abdomen, take a non-invasive way through the dermis into the subcutaneous fat, the exclusive energy regulation function, so that the dermal tissue in the state of no damage, and then destroy subcutaneous fat cells, achieve the purpose of fat decomposition, reduce fat, the body will naturally metabolize the destroyed fat cells.

Advantages of 1060nm diode laser

1. It is noninvasive ,convenient ,efficient ,security .
2. Non-invasive technology and no damage to surrounding tissue .
3. Advanced system for comfortable & safety treatment .
4. Stable high energy output ensures efficiency treatment result .


Working Principle

Newest Topselling 1064nm Technology PRINCINPLE01Working principle: When the fat cells are at 42°--45°, they will slowly dissolve, reduce and decompose.By adjusting the laser energy of the treatment probe, the temperature of the treatment position is raised to 42 ° C to 47 ° C to destroy the fat cells, the surrounding tissue will not be damaged during the treatment, and the contact cooling can improve the comfort and protect the skin. No anesthesia is required for the treatment, it feels almost comfortable, zero recovery period after surgery, no need for massage. After the treatment, the body will naturally metabolize and destroy the damaged fat cells over time, and the best results will be obtained in 6 to 12 weeks.

The 1060-nm wavelength is highly efficient in delivering laser energy through the skin to the subcutaneous target. Its low affinity for melanin also makes it safe to treat dark skin as demonstrated in this study. High-penetration depth in fat as compared with other wavelengths in the visible to infrared wavelengths creates heat over a larger volume without creating hot spots. The skin is further protected by contact cooling at 15C during treatment.

Schematic Diagram

Newest Topselling 1064nm Technology PRINCINPLE03

1060nm wavelength technology has a high affinity for subcutaneous adipose tissue.
The laser raises the temperature of adipose cells between 42℃and 47℃ ,damaging their strutual integrity.
Over the next three months ,the body natually eliminates the disrupted fat cess.
Disrupted fat cess are permanently eliminated from the body and will not regenerate.

Specific Parameters

Newest Topselling 1064nm Technology PARAMETERS02

Treatment effect

Newest Topselling 1064nm Technology effect01

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