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2023 Huamei NEW picosecond laser Tattoo Removal Machine CE TUV ISO13485 Q Switch pico 532nm 1064nm ND YAG Laser Machine

Short Description:

Laser carbon removal ;
Tattoo removal of all colors such as black .blue , ink , brown , orange , etc;
Pigment removal of melasma , dermis , age spots ,birthmarks . nevus of Ota . etc;
Embroidered lip lines , bubble lip lines .embroidered eye lines , lip line removal.

Product Detail

Product Tags

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A real ODM / OEM service factory

1. System customization
2.Language customization
3. Logo customization
4. Shape customization
5. User interface customization

Working Principle

Huamei NEW picosecond laser THEORY01

Nanosecond laser subtly crushes skin pigment through fast and powerful energy , then expel from lymph to thoroughly remove tattoo , colored patches.

According to selectivity light thermolysis theory , the shorter of laser function time , the harder of the laser energy of target tissue absorbed and accumulated diffuse around tissue.

The energy is limited to the needed repairing target to a certain extent , it protects the normal tissue around , then the repairing selectivity is stronger

Advantage Deails

Huamei NEW picosecond laser ADVANTAGE DEAILS01

Use Canada Beamtech Laser

Huamei NEW picosecond laser USE CANADA BEAMTECH LASER01

1.Maintain excellent stability at different energy levels
2.Multistage amplification design
3.100W-2000W High power and cooling efficiency

Huamei NEW picosecond laser USE 02

1.During the treatment , the machine is equipped with the treatment cooling function.
DONT NEED ZIMMER COLDMACHINE , ( reduce the inflammation . fast recovery time )
2. Air cooling + water cooling + 4000W TEC, Machine can work continuously for24 hours

Huamei NEW picosecond laser USE 01

1064nm : Dermal pigment lesions and dark color tattoo removal;
532nm : Epidermal pigment lesions , red , yellow , coffee tattoo removal;
585nm : Blue and purple tattoo removal;
650nm : Green tattoo removal.

Huamei NEW picosecond laser USE 03

Advantages of picosecond laser beauty instrument

1. Faster treatment time: Compared with traditional laser beauty equipment, the pulse width of picosecond laser beauty machine is shorter, which can complete the treatment in a shorter time, thus reducing the treatment time and damage to the skin.
2. Higher safety: The pulse width of the picosecond laser beauty machine is short, which can reduce thermal damage to the skin, and can better avoid pigmentation and other side effects.
3. More comprehensive treatment effect: picosecond laser beauty machine can treat a variety of skin problems, such as removing tattoos, treating pigmentation, improving skin texture, etc.
4. Fewer treatments: Compared with traditional laser beauty instruments, picosecond laser beauty machines can produce better treatment results in a shorter period of time, so fewer treatments are required.
5. Less recovery time: There is less thermal damage to the skin during the treatment of the picosecond laser beauty machine, so the recovery time is also shorter, and the patient can return to normal life faster

Treatment effect

Huamei NEW picosecond laser Treatment effect01

All colors tattoo removal

A. Epidermal pigment: Body tattoo , eye line and brow tattoo
B. Vessels disease: Varicosity removal, capillary hemangioma
C. Laser facial: Oil control, skin rejuvenation, skin pore improvement
D.Dermal pigment: Nevus of ota, birthmark, coffee spot age pigment, freckle

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