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TUC CE huamei q-swiched nd yag laser pigment tattoo removal machine price ndyag laser pico laser tattoo removal

Short Description:

Laser Type:Q switched Nd: YAG Laser
Laser wavelength:1064nm & 532nm
Max energy:1000mj&300mj
Pulse width:<12ns
Repeat frequency:1、2、3、4、5 、6HZ
Light conducting method: conducted directly from the laser outlet;
The light spot diameter of the laser output:3mm
Power supply:230V±10%, 50/60±1HZ,6A
Environment temperature:10℃~35℃
Relative humidity:≦80%
Cooling system: the inside installed circulating water cooling+ air cooling.

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1.No injury to skin and hair follicle ;no risk of scarring .
2.Instantaneous blasting high laser technology ,international standard of production,technical test strictly.
3.Imported stone Q-switch cassette mechanism ,the entire solid laser ,without replacing Q-switch.
4.Painless treatment ,No side-effect .
5.Easy to operate.
6.Multilanguages :English ,Spanish ,Portuguese,Dutch ,German,Greek,Turkish,Polish ,French,etc.
7.With secret key encryption ,by this you control the machine easily. That means ,you can rent it out with your password ,without it nobody can change the machine setting .
8.Save controls save last time treatment setting for next reference.
9.USB port by which you can edit your logo easily ,or you can add your customer's logo in the LCD by yourself or we can help you do this here in our office .
10.Advanca protective plug and play handpiece.


1.Pigment Removal
2.Tender skin
3.Remove the tattoo


Efficacy of ruby and Nd.YAG laser wavelengths

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  • Q-switched Frequency-doubled Nd.YAG :532nm-this type of laser works best for red and orange tattoo pigments.
  • Q-switched Ruby:694nm-this laser emits red light ,which is highly effective in removing green and dark tattoo particles .However ,this laser can aslo cause serious changes in the skin's natural pigmentation structure .Too much use of this laser can cause unwanted spots and blotches on all skin types except white/lighter skin tones.
  • Q-switched Nd.YAG:1064nm -best for dark skin types since it uses near-infrared light ,which is not absorbed by melanin.

How lasers work to remove tattoos ?

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Q-swithed lasers work by delivering energy at such a rapid speed that it breaks or splits the ink up into tiny particles.

The body's filtration system (or immune system)then comes in to carry off the debris.

There are various types of Q-switched lasers used to remove tattoos ,depending on the color of the sjin and the tattoo pigment .Multi-colored tattoos require two or more types of lasers to effectively remove them .The lasers are usually identified by the medium used to create the wavelength,which is determined by measuring its nanometers.

How laser work to Carbon laser peel treatment ?

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Carbon laser peel treatment
1.Skin cleaning
2.Smear dedicated carbon
3.Treating with with laser
4.Skin care with mask .

Effect of contrast


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