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Popular professional skin cooler reduce the pain Cryo air cooling machine

Short Description:

1.Powerful cooling air temperature -20℃;

2.Avoid thermal injury

3.Jointed supporter for convenient operation

Product Detail

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1.Three different sizes of air outlet design, suitable for treatment

2.Super cooling system , the minimum working temperaturereaches-20'c

3.User friendly design software system , easy to operate

4.Germany imported 1500Whigh power air compressor

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Cooling Temperature : From-4 C ( Max-20c )

Blow Motor : Max 26.000 RPM / Min

Water outlet timing alarm system

Power consumption : 2 . 4KW ( max )

Defrost function adopted

Silence technology . Appx . 65db

Full colored touch screen 10 4 inch

Air Flow : 1 . 350L / min

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Air cooler machine is a skin cooling system specially designed for shallow laser skin surgery , which reduces laser pain and thermal damage , cools the epidermis , small size , and can be used flexibly It is an ideal cooler system for cooling the skin in laser applications and any form of injection

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Round Adapter

For reducing the skin temperature of small treatment area such as eyebrow, underarm for head

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Middle Square Adapter

Far reducing the skin temperature of middle area . especially for hair removal treatment such arm underarm , leg

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Large Square Adapter

For reducing the skin temperature of large treatment area such as thigh , belly Especially for hair removal treatment

It Can Be Used With The Following Models

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It Can Be Used With Picosecond laser,Fractional CO2 laser, Diode Laser, IPL/RF machine and YAG laser. 

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Studies have shown that chilling with the cold air device reduces the patients pain sensitivity . This means much better tolerance of the treatment

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