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New desktop 1470nm laser machine wrinkle removal and skin tightening machine

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New 1470 laser for skin rejuvenation , wrinkle removal,tender skin

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Deep acting on the skin,effecting removing wrinkles

2.Tender skin

Stimulate the growth of collagen


The instrument is compact and convenient for use at home. 

Deep Laser Therapy

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During such treatment, the stratum corneum will be damaged and a small hole of a certain depth on skin will be produced. To increase the penetration depth into the dermis, higher energy density is required. When the energy density exceeds the vaporization threshold, the resulting depth will relate to the energy,independent of the applied wavelength

Do you suffer from wrinkles?

1.Loose skin  Loose skin on face and neck

2.Crow’s foot Obvious wrinkles at the corners of eyes

3.Acne Recurrent acne and acne marks

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