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2024 hot sale pdt red light therapy blue led professional pdt skin analyzer led pdt lighting color therapy machine

Short Description:

1.Reduce skin melanin , reduce light

2.Increase skin elasticity , improve circulation

3.Acne scars , nourish the skin

4.Enhance collagen elastin hyperplasia , reduce wrinkles

5.To promote cell growth process , thickening and restructuring of the dermisstructure , the formation of whitening delicate and elastic skin

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The prominent feature of the red and blue therapeutic apparatus is the use of a super-powered high-brightness light-emitting diode matrix to form a large-area semicircular arc surface to achieve high power and a special effect of uniformly illuminating the affected area over a large area .

Single LED lamps power can reach to 9w . strong energy and its significant treatment effect adjustable bracket for easy movement and height adjustment , Three or four groups of lamp heads can be selected to meet the treatment needs of various parts such as face / body . The Operation interface is intelligent and convenient .



Photodynamic Therapy ( PDT ) Equipment stands for the transdermal application . It is the world ' s first dermatological-aesthetic therapy in which specific active ingredients without a needle reach the deepest lavers to the skin and formeffect there.
The photosensitizer is injected into the human body , and after a certain time , the lesion is irradiated with light of a specific wavelength.
Through a series of photo -chemical and photobiological reactions . singlet oxygen and / or free radicals are generated under the participation of molecular oxygen to oxidize
And destroy the tissue and a variety of biological macromolecules in cells cause irreversible damage to cells with abnormally proliferative hyperplasia , ultimately leading to cell death and therapeutic goals


Red light has the characteristics of high purity .strong light source , and uniform energy density . It has remarkable effects in skin care and health care treatment and is called regulate skin glan function. Red light can increase skin elasticity ,improve skin chlorosis and dullness , achieve anti-aging , anti-oxidation and repair effects and has the effect that traditional skin care can not achieve

It can neutralize and stabilize nerves , improve anxiety or depression , regulate skin glan function , effectively clear lymph and remove edema , improve oily skin , acne , etc .

BLUE LIGHT ( 420NM )Blue light can excite the internal porphyrin of the metabolite propionibacterium acne , resulting in a large amount of singlet reactive oxygen species , which can produce a high oxidizing environment for Propionibacterium acne , leading to the death of bacteria and thus the acne on the skin Clear

YELLOW LIGHT ( 590NM )The yellow light accelerates blood circulation, activates cells , and stimulates the lymphatic and nervous systems . It can safely and effectively improve microcirculation , regulate cell activity , and dilute freckles ; it can significantly improve skin problems caused by years , and restore skin's youthful luster .

INFRARED LIGHT ( 850NMInfrared light can accelerate wound healing ,link pain , and help to restore and heal ostearthritis , sports pain , burns , and scratches

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