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IPL Diode Laser Hair Removal For Permanent Laser nd yag tattoo Remove Machine

Short Description:

DL IPL Q-switch laser3 in 1

One machine carry all the functions you want;

One machine solves all skin problems;

It is the best tool to get customers

Product Detail

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Multifunctional Beauty Machine

One machine with three handles: Diode Laser handle. IPL Handle. ND-YAG laser Handle

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Three Wavelengths Diode Laser Handle

755nm 808nm 1064nm wavelength for all kinds of skins hair removal

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Cooling System

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The diode laser uses semi conductor cooling, water cooling and air cooling. The temperature of handle could be -29 Celsius degree.It could continuously work for 24 hours.

More spot sizes

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One handle can have different spot sizes for any part of body

IPL handle

IPL handle with different bands of filters have different functions

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ND-YAG laser Handle

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Support Customization

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As a manufacturer, we proudly offer customized machinery services tailored to meet the specific needs of our valued partners, including agents and distributors. Our commitment to excellence extends to accommodating requests for customization in various aspects, such as programming languages, aesthetics, logos, and more.

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