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ICE Diode Ice Laser 808nm Triple Wavelength 808 Laser Hair Removal Machine Price Diode Laser China

Short Description:

1.Linux System: High stability,High security,High Customizability
2.Smart Handle:It includes basic operating values of power , frequeney , ete .
3.Three wavelength:755 808 1064 wavelength for all skins types treatment.
4.Remote Rental:You can set different rental days or machine usage times as needed.
5.Imported USA Coherent Laser Bar:Not easy to be burned;Low maintenance cost;Stable quality

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Why choose us

1.printer function Can automatically print customer treatment information at any time, to meet the needs of beauty salons
2.file storage function It is convenient for you to manage customers, and can store files of 500,000 people
3.linux system Comply with the laws and regulations of the European Union and the United States CE TUV certification, safe and reliable, avoid being attacked
4.USB upgrade In order to facilitate your use of the machine, a USB interface is reserved at the back of the machine, which can quickly upgrade the machine system in one minute
5.360ᄚrotation to remove the small head of nose hair Can be used to remove nose hair, fine hair on hands, and other small areas of hair
6.Intelligent detection system Online detection of water flow, water quality, water temperature, water flow rate, handle
temperature, electrolyte, capacitance, etc., if any item fails to meet the standard, the machine will not work, protecting
customers and the machine from harm
7.painless hair removal TEC refrigeration module can make the temperature of the handle reach -35ᄚ to avoid customers being scalded
8.A variety of spot handles are optional Diameter 8mm 12*12mm 10*20mm 12*35mm The spot size is optional, suitable for different body treatment parts, and the treatment is faster
9.smart handle There is a touch screen on the back of the handle, so you can adjust the parameters according to your needs at any time during use
10.Fires 784 laser beams per second 784 laser beams per second are strictly in line with international standards, only Huamei can do it in China


The diode laser has a long lifetime

It can reach 50,000,000+ shots, and is easy to maintain.it is much stable and has stronger power and has low maintenance cost .


Diode laser: International Hair Removal Golden Standard

You can choose a single wavelength of 808nm, or you can choose a 755+808+1064nm mixed-wavelength laser, suitable for customers of all color hair effectively.


Smart handle:Handle with screen for easy operation

The handle is equipment with an intelligent touch screen for easier operation. It includes basic operating values of power, frequency, etc.


Four kinds of cooling system

Air+Water+Peltier+TEC Cooling,TEC is the lastest cooling method which widely use in refrigerator ,this new cooling method can confirm the diode laser in a more suitable working environment and control it in low temperature even for long time continously working .


The most intelligent hair removal device

Its operation is very simple, you do not need to choose a lot of treatment parameters, this is the most intelligent hair removal device. So you can easily operate it without a lot of training, testing, learning.


OEM service

We can provide customized service and you can customize language ,screen logo , shell logo ,software and software interface according to what you want. we can customize the appearance of machine but the minimum order quantity is five sets.


Output power 2500W
Laser Power  600W,800W,1200W,1600W,2000W,2400W
LCD screen 15.6 inch 24 color multi-color touch screen
Wavelength 755nm/808nm/940nm/1064nm
Frequency 1-10Hz
Max energy 105J/cm²,120J/cm²,70J/cm²,60J/cm²
Pulse duration 5-300ms,5-100ms
Spot size 6mm/12*12mm²/12*18mm²/10*20mm²/12*28mm²/12*35mm²
Cooling system Semiconductor cooling+air cooling+water cooling
Crystal temperature -30℃-0℃
Filters Built-in filters
Voltage AC 220~230V/50~60Hz or 100~110V/50~60Hz


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