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Huamei Laser®️ 3 wavelengths Diode Laser for Hair Removal Machine with Linux System

Short Description:

Powerful Hair Removal Machine with an impressive 3000W power stands as a pinnacle in advanced hair removal technology.

1.Versatile 3-wavelength laser system suitable for all skin types,

2.Tri-Wavelength Precision:s- Diode laser (808 nm), Alexandrite laser (755nm), and Yag laser (1064nm),

3.Semi conductor cooling+Water cooling +Air cooling (-29℃)

4.Machine could continuously operate for 24 hours.

5.Machine features conductivity detection system, extending its lifespan.


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Huamei Laser®️ hair removal machine

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Huamei®️ stands at the forefront of laser and light systems, backed by cutting-edge software developed in China. Over 23 years, Huamei®️ consistently delivers product excellence that aligns with the latest research, continually evolving based on valuable customer feedback. This customer-centric approach ensures optimal outcomes, driven by the power of  fully automated software.

Working Principle


Our laser targets the melanin in hair follicles, providing heightened absorption and efficient heat generation.

This precise approach ensures the destruction of hair follicles, while leaving surrounding skin untouched.

Powered by exceptional efficiency, Huamei Laser hair removal system revolutionizes laser hair removal. It reduces the number of necessary sessions, surpassing competitors in both effectiveness and convenience.

Handle and Treatment Head

Handle equipped with various spot sizes, one handle can treat hair removal for different areas of the body

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Treatment comparison

After seven sessions of diode laser treatment, the client achieved significant improvement

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