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Ems Device Build Muscle Burn Fat Slim Beauty Equipment ems Body Sculpting Machine Ems Chair

Short Description:

1. A brand-new non-invasive device with “Build Muscle + Fat Burning”
2. Non-invasive, no wound, no surgery of hip-lifting equipment.
3. No downtime, no disturpting to the daily routine.
4. Comfortable, pain free

Product Detail

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Working mode

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Warming-up Pulse:A comfortable frequency to Initiate muscular contractions

Strong Pulse: A high-intensive frequency to force supra maximal muscular  contractions;

Relaxing Pulse: An alleviation frequency to loosen up muscle

Working Principle

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Working Mode

For simple use and professional use

HIIT: High intensity training mode of aerobic fat reduction

Hypertrophy: Muscle strength training mode

Strength: Muscle strength training mode

Combo 1: Muscle HIT+Hypertrophy

Combo2: Hypertrophy+Strength

Working Theory

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Clinic Date

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A course of treatment is 4 times.Each time only takes 30 minutes.

Do it at least 2 times a week and 2 weeks in a row easy and fast.

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